This is your ‘office’ now.

Thanks to ZOOM, it can be Anywhere.

However, it is not always optimum
to be both a key participant and
manage the mechanics of ZOOM

I will be the ZOOM Host so You can
keep Your Event running smoothly

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What Could Go Wrong?

  • Important Attendee(s) Left in the Waiting Room
  • Speaker Shares Wrong Screen
  • Speaker Starts Presenting While Muted
  • Extraneous Noise from Unmuted Participant
  • Non-Speaking Participant Interference
  • Removal of a Disruptive Attendee
  • Attendees Need Technical Help with Zoom Links
  • Breakout Rooms Confusion
  • Forget to Start Record
  • What Did I Miss?
ZOOM Host Expertise & Experience

ZOOM Webinars
Instrumental in rapidly converting MDG Boston’s Forums to Online ZOOM Webinars when Covid stopped in-person events. I produce Zoom Webinar Forums 2x/month that bring 3-5 international panelists together to discuss innovations in medical technology development.

ZOOM Meetings
ZOOM Host for over 50 ZOOM Meetings in recent months, including multi-day events run through Whova’s conference platform.


Your company’s team knows how to organize an event. As ZOOM Meetings become a more important part of doing business, managing the Online side has become more complex.

My Job:  Handle the online production so the event team and speakers can concentrate on the content.

Critical Business Meetings:

  • Milestone review with your client
  • Investment Meetings
  • Executive Strategy Meetings
  • Project Manager Meetings
  • Sales Training Workshops
  • Technical Training Sessions

Zoom Meeting Hosting Services

  • Setup in ZOOM Meeting
    – Pre-Meeting tech prep as needed
    – Assist attendees with technical issues
  • Monitor Waiting Room for timely admittance of attendees
  • Monitor Mute control of attendees
  • Spotlight individual speakers
  • Manage multiple Breakout Rooms
  • Prepare for anything that could happen
  • Record meeting when request
  • Discounted Non-Profit Rates
  • Will sign NDA as needed


ZOOM Webinars enable professional level presentations to an audience from a virtual ‘stage’, often for education, selling, or training.  Recording of the presentation can expand your audience.

My Job:  Manage the live event and help the speakers feel comfortable with the platform so they can focus on their presentation.

The WEBINAR Platform:

  • Comparable to an in-person stage/audience environment
  • Speakers are moved on/off stage by the Host
  • The audience sees only the panelists, not the other attendees
  • Audience can communicate using Chat or Q&A
  • Dynamic ‘Spotlighting’ of individual or multiple speakers during presentations and Q&A focuses attention on the panelists

Zoom Webinar Hosting Services

  • Setup in ZOOM Webinar
    – Online Presentation Coaching
    – Create a branded waiting room slide loop
    – Add branding to ZOOM registration page
  • Pre-Webinar preparation includes:
    – Final tech check before Webinar
    – ‘Back Stage’ run-thru program with presenters
    – Test screen-sharing for presenters
    – Check camera, lighting, and audio
  • Primary Host for Live Production
  • Post production video editing
Bill Denison

Bill Denison

Professional ZOOM Events

For over 30 years, I’ve been working with corporate management teams to create professional meetings, presentations, and events through the evolving media.

Keep your next online event running smoothly
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